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Greg Bird vs. Luke Voit: Who Will Have a Better 2019 Season?

The New York Yankees have decided to pass on Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, because they are a tiny small market team just scraping pennies together, so it appears as though their plan is to pretty much bring the same exact team back and magically surpass the Boston Red Sox.

If the Yankees hope to win the AL East this season, they are going to need consistant production from their young first basemen but much like Highlander, there can only be one. With the signings of DJ LeMeahui and Troy Tulowitzki, New York doesn’t have room to keep a backup first baseman so this is the most important Spring Training of both players careers.

So who should be the first baseman in 2019?

So Greg Bird was absolute trash last year. That’s the nicest way I can describe his season. He bat .199 and scored 23 runs in 82 games. For comparison sake, in 2017 Bird scored 20 runs in just 48 games. The man never made it to first base and when he did, he certainly never made it home.

I will never forgive him for trying to run home against the Houston Astros two years ago and being out by a fucking mile.

And then Luke Voit came out of the clouds like Bruce Banner jumping out off a helicopter in the middle of a battlefiend and emerging as the Incredible Hulk.

He appeared from a random trade that sent Chasen Shreve to the St. Louis Cardinals for that sweet delicious International Pool Money. And with Greg Bird striking out at a fairly regular basis, Voit took a break from slamming weights at the local gym and flexing in the mirror to come hit 14 bombs in 39 games.

Here’s my fear: Luke Voit’s success isn’t sustainable. All offseason I’ve seen footage of Greg Bird in a batting cage while Voit has been bench pressing. I’ve also never been shy about my love for Bird when he first arrived in 2015 and took Mark Teixeira behind the barn and ‘retired’ him.

This is Bird’s first full offseason not battling some lingering injury. His first chance to fully prepare for the year without wearing a sling or a walking boot.

His lefty bat in the middle of the lineup is a recipe for success especially in Yankee Stadium where you can touch the right field wall in the batter’s box. I still believe in his potential. He’s only 26 years old and with this current lineup stacked top to bottom, I don’t think he’ll have any pressure on him this year.

Greg Bird is the Prince That Was Promised. Luke Voit is pledging a frat as I write this.

I’ll see you all at the Yankees championship parade. I’ll be on the float with Greg Bird on my shoulders as we chug champagne and hug World Series MVP, Bryce Harper.



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