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Greg Bird Is Going To Lead The Texas Rangers To The World Series

After spending 10 years of his young life as a member of the New York Yankees organization, Greg Bird has spread his wings and flew south to restart his career in Texas as he’s signed a minor league deal with the Rangers following his release from The Bronx Bombers this offseason.

Greg Bird debuted in 2015 hitting .261 with 11 homers and 31 RBIs and in just 46 games, he singlehandedly ended Mark Teixeira’s career. He was the Prince That Was Promised. The next great left-handed slugging first basemen to lead the Yankees to a title.

Anddd then his body broke down so while his minor league peers—Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez—flourished, Bird spent most of the last five seasons on the Injured List icing bruises on every part of his body.

As much as I wish he was still in pinstripes, the Yankees currently have Luke Voit, Mike Ford, DJ LeMahieu and Miguel Andujar can all play his position and excel on any given night.

What hurts even more is knowing that this would be the perfect season to test what Bird is capable of because the Yankees hired a brand new training staff this winter after breaking records for the number of players that hit the IL last season.

The old trainers that were treating broken legs with like IcyHot pads and Tylenol PM are gone.

But now Greg Bird gets a Spring Training invite with the Rangers as he attempts to beat out Ronald Guzman and Danny Santana for first base. Light work.

Bird has 186 career games with the Yankees. He bat .211 with 32 bombs, 98 RBIs and a .975 OPS. We don’t care about batting average anymore so that’s a starting first baseman if I ever did see one.

Once he easily wins the starting job, the Rangers can stuff him right between Joey Gallo and Todd Frazier.

Rangers in 4.






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