Grayson Allen and Trae Young Almost Beat The Shit Out of Each Other in a Summer League Game

What Happened?

Grayson Allen, a kid known almost exclusively for being a sociopath on a basketball court, decided to remind the world that there’s something wrong with him. He has played two games with a Utah Jazz jersey on. In Game 2 he almost got into a fight.

The brand is remarkably strong.

What makes this altercation so special is that Grayson didn’t choose to go full retard against a no-name future G-Leaguer. Grayson saw 4’3 Trae Young on the perimeter and wanted his blood. Grayson heard the expression ‘pick on someone your own size’ and being the mental midget that he is, he picked the smallest guy on the court with the biggest name.

I am so happy that Grayson isn’t changing his game at all. In college, you can get away with tripping people because half the guys on the court are walk-ons who are just happy to be in the same gym as Duke basketball. There are no consequences to your actions.

In the NBA, annoying white kids get punched in the face.

The Utah Jazz are quietly a top 4 team in the Western Conference and they’re going to need a maniac out there getting in people’s heads. Every championship caliber team needs a Draymond Green or Dennis Rodman.

You can already imagine the fits that Grayson is going to give Russell Westbrook in Round 1 of the playoffs next season when both guys are diving for a loose ball and Grayson dives feet first and kicks Westbrook in the neck.

The world is going to erupt when he shoves Paul George into the front row and then raises his arms over his head like he did nothing wrong before he stands behind the closest referee for protection. Paul George really signed a 5-year deal with OKC so that Grayson could bully him for half a decade.




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