The Golden State Warriors Couldn’t Go 24 Hours Without Having 4 All-Stars on Their Roster

We couldn’t even go a full 24 hours of getting Golden State Warriors jokes off before they pulled the trigger on another All-Star out of nowhere.

The Warriors were poised to have their worst season since Mark Jackson was the head coach yelling about how much he hates gay people during pregame warmups. Kevin Durant is limping in Brooklyn, Klay Thompson doesn’t have an ACL and Draymond Green is one year older and one step slower.

It was a wrap. The Golden State Warriors were dead, Kawhi Leonard and the salary cap killed them.

Anddd then somehow these greedy little championship whore(ders) found a way to not just get compensation back for Durant—a player whose achilles they are responsible for destroying—but they received an All-Star and one of the best young point guards in the NBA.


They acquired a 23-year old playmaker who can create off the dribble and alleviate the pressure on Steph Curry until Klay Thompson returns.

Last season Russell averaged a career high with 21.1 points a game, 7 assists and 36% shooting from behind the arc and a 19.4 PER.

The downside is that they had to ship Andre Iguodala to Memphis along with two future first round picks but the Warriors would be drafting in the 20’s every year and you enter the draft hoping to select a kid who’s as talented as D’Angelo Russell.

No idea why the Brooklyn Nets would ever agree to this. Kevin Durant was coming regardless. They had the cap space to sign him and didn’t need to trade Russell to match contracts. They just went out of their way to give the Warriors another All-Star for absolutely no reason.

The best case scenario is that D’Angelo Russell becomes the third splash brother and extends the Warriors championship window at least 4 more years.

Worst case scenario is that Russell doesn’t fit and they flip him at the trade deadline to Phoenix or Minnesota for valuable role players and maybe some salary cap breathing room.

That’s a win-win for Golden State. They lose a two time Finals MVP and they end up replacing him with another All-Star and the potential flexibility to build another title contender.

The NBA is so fun…

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