Golden State Warriors, The 1% Elite of the NBA, Now Want Anthony Davis To Join Their Hoarding of Talent and Ruin The NBA

What Happened?

The Golden State Warriors haven’t given up their dream of adding Anthony Davis—they’re just not as all in as they used to be.

Tim Kawakami of The Athletic reported Warriors ownership remains interested in acquiring Davis but has become more focused on retaining their current core after winning a second straight championship.

Kawakami added that the team is focused on signing Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to contract extensions, though neither player has a financial incentive to do so.

(Bleacher Report)


The Golden State Warriors, winners of the last 3 out of 4 NBA Titles and the last two back-to-back, want to make it very clear that they haven’t given up on their desire to acquire Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans.

Anthony Davis will probably finish second in MVP voting this season behind James Harden after carrying the Pelicans on his back once Boogie Cousins tore his achilles. Davis, objectively, is the third best player in the NBA behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant. There is literally nothing he can’t do on a basketball court. except ya know, beat the Warriors.

Would This Destroy The NBA?

100%. Absolutely.

But here’s the thing, I’m all in on what the Warriors are doing. They are turning the NBA into a 2K franchise mode with ‘fair trades’ turned off. The salary cap is cute for teams like Milwaukee and Oklahoma City where the owners are barely getting by financially but in San Francisco, the salary cap is simply a hurdle to skirt to the side.

I won’t pretend like I’m not curious about the possibility of this move. Extend Klay Thompson and package him with whatever you possibly can to make the contract of Anthony Davis. Throw some future 1st round draft picks in there too because you will be winning every championship and you don’t need the No. 30 overall draft pick every year.

Imagine Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Anthony Davis vs. The World. It’s the Western Conference All-Stars featuring Swaggy P. Even if the Warriors have to throw in Draymond Green to get Davis, cool fine. Davis does everything Green does but at an MVP level. Seeee ya, Draymond.

Plus, this makes the Pelicans a way more balanced squad. If New Orleans resigns DeMarcus Cousins and surrounds him with Draymond Green, Rajon Rondo and Klay Thompson then you honestly might propel the Pelicans to the Western Conference Finals every year to face Golden State.

I think this move created the next great rivalry.

Dear Golden State, please make this happen. There is nothing more hilarious to me than seeing LeBron James meet the Warriors in the Finals and just drown in anguish when he realizes he doesn’t stand a chance.





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