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‘Gold Diggers of the WNBA’ Is Easily The Dumbest Sketch in SNL History

The idea of being a WNBA hoe is a dream of mine. I want nothing more to be sitting courtside at the Dallas Wings game because my girl Liz Cambage sled into my Instagram DMs and flew me out.

So the idea of men gold digging WNBA superstars is a good premise and an obvious flip on social norms. We all get that.

But then the sketch immediately turns into an opportunity to make fun of WNBA players for making less than men. How is that funny? What year is this? International Women’s Day was Friday. 24 hours later and SNL is like ‘lol isn’t the wage gap between male athletes and female athletes hilarious?!’.

I totally understand wanting to shed light on the wage gap but this sketch made it the punchline of the sketch. There was no nuiance. There wasn’t a smart message. It was just ‘these women don’t make a lot of money and that’s funny to us’.

Also, the joke that all WNBA players are lesbians is lazy as hell and it’s funny or accurate. Painting the WNBA as a ‘gay’ league is what stops a league from growing which, *dramatic drum roll* leads to these women making less money.

Whenever SNL attempts to cover modern politics or current events, they fumble. Every single time. They never provide any sort of underlying message. For the entire Trump campaign, SNL just thought sending out Alec Baldwin in a wig and fake tan literally quoting Trump word for word was funny but in actuality, it just normalized Trump’s behavior.

It didn’t challenge the nonsense Trump was saying. It just repeated it. SNL is no longer smart or ‘ahead of its time’. They’re not even fucking trying anymore. They’re going back to early 2000’s WNBA lesbian jokes.

This sketch wasn’t clever. It wasn’t funny. It was boring. It was tired. It was antiquated. It was lazy. It was mocking a group of women who simply want to be compensated for their work.

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