Godzilla vs. King Kong is Actually Happening

It is official. There are plans in motion. Godzilla and King Kong with do battle. FINALLY. Pop bottles. Two legends are going to enter the ring and it’s going to be a blood bath. The two greatest oversized monsters of all time. Not quire sure why it has taken so long but I suppose you cannot rush perfection. Rome wasn’t built in a day and shit.


The current plan is for Kong: Skull Island (which Jordan Vogt-Roberts is about to start shooting) to arrive as planned on March 10, 2017, followed by the Godzilla sequel in June 2018 and Godzilla Vs. Kong in 2020.


This is huge news, until you start actually thinking about it and realize how dumb it is. There is a major problem in putting these two beasts together. Godzilla is the size of the Empire State building and King Kong was a tiny monkey that climbed up the side of that same building. The size difference between these two is ridiculous.

King Kong is supposed to be like, slightly bigger than a large gorilla. He’s supposed to be able to have a relationship with a blonde broad. Do they plan on shrinking Godzilla down to King Kong’s size because that is extremely unimpressive. It doesn’t register to you how tiny King Kong is until it’s being compared to Godzilla.

Are they going to make King Kong the size of Godzilla because the property damage alone will be alarming. You can’t have two massive creatures storming through Brooklyn. If you saw the last Godzilla movie than you know this is an awful idea. Godzilla was so gigantic that his entire body was never fully in frame. They showed close ups of like, his tail and like, an eyeball every once in awhile but you never actually got a full good look at Godzilla. I’m really not trying to see that with King Kong as well.

All that aside, I will be there opening night in 2020 rock hard, blackout drunk and loving every moment of it.




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