Gleyber Torres is the Best Second Baseman in Baseball And Will Be For The Next 15 Years. Jacob deGrom is Fine or Whatever…Enough With The Dumb Trade Rumors

Every single day I go on Twitter. It’s a problem. But also every single day I go on Twitter and read fool after fool propose¬†the same deal between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets that sends Gleyber Torres to Queens and Jacob deGrom to the Bronx.

It’s the dumbest trade rumor I’ve ever read and as a Knicks fan, I’ve lived my life surrounded by awful trade rumors, most of which proposed by the Knicks front office themselves.

Gleyber Torres is a 21-year old who is first among all second basemen this season with 12 home runs and he didn’t even play the first month of the year. He’s also 2nd in batting average and 4th in RBIs among second baseman and did I mention that he is only 21 years old playing a position that a majority of baseball teams get zero offensive production from?


Jacob deGrom is one of the best pitchers in the sport right now. I feel like I should make that clear. With Masahiro Tanaka and Jordan Montgomery currently sitting on the disabled list, the Yankees need another pitcher. If Sonny Gray starts a playoff game, the Yankees are going to lose that playoff game.

deGrom has a 0.87 ERA over his last 10 starts which is a stat that makes my eyes cross. I assume his name is already written on the NL Cy Young award. Oh, the Mets happen to be 2-8 in those 10 starts. They hate Jacob.

I would love nothing more to see deGrom in a Yankees uniform throwing 7 scoreless innings and actually getting wins for his win-loss record. But you are absolutely goofy if you think that means the Yankees need to trade future Hall of Famer, Gleyber Torres, to do so.

Let me run this by you one more time: Gleyber Torres is just 21 and deGrom turns 30 years old next month. Yup, trade the Rookie of the Year who is making less than $500,00 a year right now. deGrom is approaching the sports hill and is demanding millions.

Also, how can you call yourself a Yankees fan and want to see Torres in a Mets uniform for the next two decades? Get the fuuuuck out of here with that. The Mets don’t deserve Torres. Look what they did to David Wright. They killed him. David Wright is dead because the Mets killed him. How could you wish that evil upon Gleyber?

By the way, there are 29 other teams in baseball. Not quite sure why there is there burning desire to bring deGrom into the Yankees clubhouse as if there aren’t over 100 other pitchers in the majors who are also available and require much less in exchange to acquire. The Yankees could literally throw like, $35 at Cincinnati for Matt Harvey right this second.

Enough with this Gleyber for deGrom nonsense. Be smarter fans.





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