Give Him All The Hydroxychloroquine

This week, your special needs president announced that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine to help ward off the Coronavirus. The problem is, literally every single doctor says that it will kill a person.

Hydroxychloroquine is an anti-malaria drug that fucks up people’s hearts and Donald Trump appears to be a man whose heart is barely beating. You can see the cholesterol leaking out of his pores. My chest hurts just looking at him attempt to, ya know, move.

Almost 100,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and Trump seems determined to become one of them as he takes a medicine that has no effects on Coronavirus patients and is just exclusively harmful to the human body.

When the virus began to spread in March, Trump bragged about this miracle drug. No idea how he even heard about it but once he declares something, it becomes a political battle where Fox News blew him and said that everyone should take it and now he continues to double-down and claim to be taking it himself because he’d rather die than be wrong.

And I say ‘claim’ because nothing Donald Trump says is true. There is nothing about this man’s lifelong behavior that makes me think he has ever taken medicine ever. Especially one that he is consistently being told is bad for him.

But for whatever reason, Coronavirus has turned into a test of one’s masculinity.

Donald Trump and his fellow masculine adonises refuse to wear face masks in public because MAN STUFF. You know who listens to doctors and scientists about health and science? Broads and queers. REAL MEN just punch Coronavirus in the face in between chopping wood and shifting gears in their manual cars.

Only a little boy in a big ass suit would turn a global pandemic into an opportunity to make himself feel better about his tiny penis while the type of internet trolls that voted for him would instantly follow his lead.

To these people, the worst thing that someone could ever say to them is ‘don’t be a pussy, bro’. A doctor could call them and say that tested positive for Coronavirus and that would be an easier pill to swallow than ‘you’re wearing a face mask? What are you, GAY??’

Donald Trump isn’t taking hydroxychloroquine. He’s lying because that’s his default setting. But if by some wild chance he is actually taking it then stop warning him. Just let his heart explode out of his chest. If he dies, he dies.





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Written by TheLesterLee

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