I Can’t Stop Watching Giselle Celebrate After the Patriots Won the Super Bowl

I mean this is just raw joy. Euphoria personified. Nobody in Houston was happier about that New England Patriots 4th quarterback comeback than Giselle Bundchen. If you consider yourself a huge Patriots fan, I urge you to watch this celebration and reconsider your loyalty and dedication. Homegirl might’ve gotten a concussion just from shouting.

This is why I can’t find love. I keep searching for a girl like Giselle who’s going to be this pumped up every time I write a hilarious article or get off a fire tweet. It’s mission impossible. Most girls I meet roll their eyes when I write articles about chicks being kicked off planes for showing too much cleavage.

I don’t have any real opinions about Tom Brady. He’s cool or whatever. But now I am extremely jealous of how much of a fan his wife is. All King Lester fans are dudes who love Carmelo Anthony. Not really my type, to be honest.

Brb, rewatching Mrs. Brady lose her mind over and over again for the remainder of the day.



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