Gina Haspel, Known Exclusively For Torturing People, Promises To Not Torture People if She Becomes Head of CIA, Where She Will Have Full Power To Torture People

Donald Trump has nominated Gina Haspel to be the head of the CIA this week which gives us all an opportunity to jog our memories about the Bush administration using 9/11 as their green light to do whatever the fuck they wanted to do in the Middle East which includes waterboarding terrorist suspects.

Gina Haspel’s notoriety comes from her involvement in torturing someone at a secret Thailand prison in 2002. Here is what Haspel said about torture during her Senate hearing:

“I’m not going to sit here, with the benefit of hindsight, and judge the very good people who made hard decisions, who were running the agency in very extraordinary circumstances. Having served in that tumultuous time. I can offer you my personal commitment, clearly and without reservation, that under my leadership, C.I.A. will not restart such a detention and interrogation program.”

“After 9/11, I didn’t look to go sit on the Swiss desk — I stepped up. I was not on the sidelines. I was on the front lines in the Cold War, and I was on the front lines in the fight against Al Qaeda.”

So before we write off her actions as ‘following orders and doing what she believed was necessary at the time for the country’, let’s revisit waterboarding and how insane it is to simulate drowning to such a severe extent that resuscitation is required sometimes to revive these people from this faux-drowning.

Statistics show that torture doesn’t actually provide any valuable information or intel and the information that is extracted from waterboarding is the same information that is found through different interrogation methods that don’t physically harm the suspects so it’s basically just a room full of assholes living out their spy movie fantasies even though they aren’t getting intelligence that matters enough to go through with such harsh torture.

Having said all of that, we should all approve of this nomination.

I think one of the biggest criticisms of Donald Trump, besides the fact that he is a white supremacist and is the fact of misogyny, but for me at least, he has surrounded himself with his dumb friends, incompetent attorneys and his weird-looking children.

Up until this point, Trump has done nothing but hire people who are totally unqualified for their jobs. Rex Tillerson spent his entire life building an oil company. How in the world did that qualify him to become the Secretary of Defense? Ben Carson does brain surgery all his life and naturally, that led him to become the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Gina Haspel has earned the right to be the head of the CIA. She followed orders and the law. She participated in torture, sure. But it wasn’t her call to make or defy those orders. Now if she’s in charge, she can make sure that the next Gina Haspel isn’t put in that position.

I think we all assume that if Donald Trump is involved then it must be a garbage decision but for once, Haspel is the right call and we should all support her nomination before Trump decides to select the doorman at Trump Tower or like, the guy who shines his shoes.

Or she’s going to kill us all. Anything can happen.





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