Getting With Golf Even If You Don’t Know Your Woods From Your Irons

When it comes to the most relaxing sports, especially suited for those who are in all kinds of shape, then there are few better options than golf. It’s competitive, it takes strategy and practice, and it’s fantastic for socializing. However, just because it’s relaxing and accessible doesn’t mean that it’s easy. If you want to make sure that you don’t show yourself up on the green, then here are a few tips to help you quickly learn the ropes.

Work with a pro teacher

You don’t need to be a professional to work with a professional. While a lot of golfing newcomers pick it up from family members or friends, plenty work with a coach who can teach them the fundamentals. There are PGA pros situated everywhere in the country who can help you lay down the basics of a proper swing foundation. Aside from having taught plenty of newcomers before and knowing the best ways to help develop the necessary skills, they are also going to have the patience to wait for you while you make all of those rookie mistakes, which is crucial for your development.


Practicing your swing

If you want to make sure that you’re able to work on what you have learned, then there is no better place to practice at the driving range. Aside from being an easy, little-effort day out for fun, the driving range is the single best place to work on building your muscle memory, getting used to the feeling of your golf swing, and making adjustments to ensure your posture and follow-through are as they should be. Look for local driving ranges near you and you’ll surely find a few that are open to the public.


Choosing your clubs

Given the variety of golf clubs that you’re supposed to bring for every game and the huge variety of makes and brands, it’s not uncommon to find it quite intimidating to choose clubs to play with. For your very first games, don’t feel at all odd about renting clubs. You should only invest in buying once you decide that you could really start to like golfing. From there, there are plenty of websites that can help you find the right clubs, looking at needs as specific as putters designed specifically for beginners. You’re going to pick up on what makes a decent club and the different approaches to choosing them as time goes on. Focus on selecting those meant for newcomers right now so you can improve different parts of the game instead. You only need a few clubs to start with, usually a driver, a putter and a sand wedge.


Take your time putting

Golf is a sport of two distinct halves. The first half is using your driver to make your way across the course, with the occasional need to use a wedge to get back onto it when you land in the rough or the sand. The second half, of course, is putting. When you reach the green and are aiming directly at the hole, you need to make sure that you know how to apply just the amount of force necessary. The great thing about practicing putting is that it can be done legitimately anywhere. Of course, it’s best to do it on course-accurate conditions, but these beginner putting drills can be done in your own backyard, in your office, or anywhere else.


Work your way onto courses bit by bit

You might want to get out there and start strutting your stuff as soon as you can, but you should be patient. You’re not going to be ready for a full course after you’ve only just learned to swing a club. You should instead be spending time at your local practice ranges. Until you can consistently get the ball in the air and you can put with some competence, you might want to avoid getting into the pressured environment of playing on the course. When you do start, make sure you don’t dive into the deep end too quickly. Start with a three-hole course, get used to it, and move your way up bit by bit.


Golf might seem intimidating to start with, but it’s all a matter of learning a few basics and then, from there, developing the muscle memory and adjusting your swing to improve it as best as possible. You might not be winning any Ryders Cups any time soon, but you can enjoy a game with friends in a short amount of time with the tips above.

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