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It happened. It finally happened. The New York Knicks have fired their President of Basketball Operations, Steve Mills, the worst executive in the history of history. For the last 20 years he’s been in James Dolan’s ear just whispering bullshit and influencing some of the worst basketball decisions ever made.

After the firing of Phil Jackson in 2017, Steve Mills failed upwards into the president role and promptly led the Knicks to 13 wins last season, the lowest win total in franchise history.

Mills was first hired in 1999 as the executive vice president of basketball operations and has dedicated his life to having no idea what the fuck he’s doing.

I don’t even know where to start. I hate this man with my whole heart. This is the first time in my life I literally went out and celebrated a black man losing his job.

We’ll start with the most disgusting period in the Mills era.

Steve Mills suggested that James Dolan hire former NBA All-Star, Isiah Thomas, to become the Knicks team president in 2003. Thomas was here for five seasons. He didn’t have a single fucking winning season. Not one. 0-for-5.

But the most egregious part of the Isiah Thomas era was Anucha Browne Sanders’s sexual harassment case against Thomas. Sanders worked at Madison Square Garden directly under Steve Mills and Mills first ignored her claims before then FIRING HER and then testifying on behalf of Isiah.

Steve Mills is quite literally a bag of wet dog shit.

Thankfully, Anucha Browne Sanders won and was awarded $11.6 million from MSG.

Eat a dick, Steven.

Do we even need to get into his basketball failures? Does this not paint the story enough?

Steve Mills was more concerned with defending the powerful man that he was responsible for hiring so that he could avoid getting in trouble himself instead of defending the powerless woman who was getting groped by the man that Michael Jordan specifically said was not allowed on the Dream Team.

Fuck Steve Mills.

The Knicks went 178-365 with Mills as the general manager. .320 winning percentage.

Bum ass bitch.

I will never forgive Steve Mills for replacing Phil Jackson and immediately throwing all of the money at Tim Hardaway Jr., a player they drafted and let go because he wasn’t good before signing for to a 4-year $71 million.

Dumb shit.

Do we even need to get into this past offseason? It’s still all so raw and fresh.

There are currently 17 power forwards on this roster and if Mills wasn’t fired two days before the trade deadline then you know that low-IQed tiny-dicked rat-faced big tall glass of human shit was going to acquire more big men for absolutely no reason outside of the fact that he’s never watched a single basketball game and just did whatever the fuck he wanted knowing damn well that his direct deposit was coming on Friday regardless of results.

It’s over. I am no longer allowing this man to ruin my life. Fuck Steve Mills.

Free at last, free at last.




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