Get Ready To Hate The Joker

Before I begin I’d like to make it clear that I have not seen the new Joker movie yet and this is not about to be some negative review, although we’ll certainly get to the negative reviews.

Regardless of the film’s actual quality (or lack thereof), we are about to get waterboarded with nonstop Joker content (including this article).

Guys, Halloween is coming. Are you prepared for the number of Jokers you are about to run into asking you ‘why so serious?’ while they smear lipstick all over your costume?

I want to be angry at Warner Bros for refusing to make a good Superman movie as they continue to ignore the Man of Steel entirely and exclusively develop movies centered around The Joker and Harley Quinn.

But The Dark Knight made 1 BILLION dollars.

Suicide Squad made $747 million.

Suicide Squad is one of the worst pieces of shit I’ve ever seen and it made over $100 million more than Justice League, a movie starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. All at the same. They just put Joker in a movie and people ran to go see it.

One would assume that this new Joker movie will explode the box office as it appears to be a more ‘realistic’ take on one of the most unrealistic comic book characters ever created.

Batman’s arch nemesis who somehow became astronomically more popular than Batman and some of that blame goes to Christopher Nolan for coining this new ‘agent of chaos’ title to a character who was essentially just a rapey murderous clown with no real motives outside of being a dick for no reason.

Nolan turned him into some criminal mastermind that can make a pencil disappear. And the Dark Knight was amazing. Nolan deserve credit for all of those scenes where the Joker was explaining his scars. Nolan certainly understood the importance of maintaining a level of mystery behind his origin.

You also have to point the finger at Heath Ledger for turning the role into some method acting showcase. Apparently Ledger stayed in character throughout the length of the film’s shooting and actually lost his mind.

Real quick: method acting isn’t some honorable ‘cool’ art form.

It’s corny as hell.

And I really hope Jared Leto reads this as he took method acting in an extremely lame direction when he was cast as Joker. That try-hard tiny-dicked weirdo sent used condoms and rats to his coworkers which makes no sense on many levels.

Why would the Joker send people used condoms and rats? Is that what you think The Joker would do? Because that explains why Leto was so awful in the role. Also, if you are convincing yourself that you’re The Joker then uh, why are you mailing shit to Will Smith? Really breaking the 4th wall here, Jared.

You can easily make the argument that Batman’s relationship with Catwoman is far more interesting than anything Joker related. Poison Ivy’s quest for humanity to respect and preserve nature is resonant as hell in 2019. Even Two Face displays more of this random chaos that we ascribe to the Joker yet still the Joker remains everyone’s fetish.

And typically I have no problem with dumb shit being popular.

I live in a world where people truly believe Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Kobe was never even the best player in the NBA at any point in his career but that’s a conversation for another day.

But there’s something about couples cosplaying as Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad that turns my stomach.

Joker emotionally abused a therapist until Stockholm syndrome kicked in and the therapist became obsessed with Joker where he would then take advantage and physically beat the shit out of her regularly yet the Suicide Squad marketing was like ‘omg relationship goals, right?!!! *heart emoji*’

Fast forward to this weekend’s Joker release and police officers legit have to sit in on viewings because incels and the alt-right are threatening to shoot up theatres in support(?) of The Joker.

Which brings us to all of the negative reviews of Todd Phillips’s Joker movie that is now being depicted as essentially angry white man porn.

We can either chose to look at the FBI warning us about potential shootings as the equivalent of the few dumb clowns that sprouted up when It came out in 2016 or we can actually look at the societal problems that could make people look to the fucking Joker for inspiration.

Incels are ugly gross entitled men who believe that the world is treating them unfairly because they aren’t getting blown by models and receiving million dollar direct deposits every hour on the hour.

They are nothing people who want everything but don’t have the desire to actually do anything about it. It’s everyone else’s fault but there’s. Women don’t like them because all women are bitches. Etc.

Soooo when The Joker is a depressed weirdo who becomes a domestic terrorist because he blames society for his own shortcomings and then transforms into a cultural icon after committing his violent acts, one might be able to piece together why sad/angry incels who are desperate for affection and admiration are drawn to this story.

Again, I don’t blame the studio or the movie creators for the behaviors of ‘fans’. Todd Phillips is telling a story. He wasn’t responsible for any group of men who went to Vegas and roofied themselves after watching his Hangover movies.

There doesn’t need to be a feel-good unifying message in every movie. What I’m about to say is going to sound insane but uh, movies aren’t real.

Now, if the Joker was a real human who committed these crimes in the 80’s then I would have a completely different tone. You can’t be out here glorifying serial killers and attempting to ‘well, actually, they made some good points’ their stories.

But alas, we are talking about a comic book character.

No one watched Avengers: Infinity War and thought it would be a good idea to eradicate half of the life in the universe but perhaps our small human brains can’t fathom an idea that large.

But get ready to hate The Joker, if you don’t already.

You are about to be consumed by awful takes, quotes, costumes, memes and unfortunately, shootings because reality is awful right now so we must make believe that the make-believe is real.

Fuck The Joker.

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