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Get Kevin Love in a Knicks Jersey


If the playoffs started today, the Knicks would be the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference which no one on Earth saw coming before the season and with the trade deadline approaching, it appears as though the Knicks are actually buyers.

What a time to be alive.

The Knicks are a game away from having homecourt advantage. Last week they lost to the Brooklyn Nets in a game that the refs stole from them with a blown call in the final possession and the next day they lost by one possession to the Philadelphia 76ers after back-to-back where the team clearly lost their legs in the second half.

The top 2 teams in the East and they lost at the very end. This team can 1000% not only hang with the best teams in the conference but as long as they continue to have a Top 5 defense in the NBA, they could steal a series from them.

In order to truly beat these squads, the Knicks are going to need to add some scoring. They ranked 28th in scoring above only Orlando and Cleveland, two of the worst teams in the league. Try to beat Brooklyn when Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin return who you rank 29th in 3-point attempts.

Now, the team is raked 11th in 3-point percentage so it’s not as if they’re incapable of making those shots but they have a team of perimeter players who—‌ outside of Immanuel Quickley and Reggie Bullock as of late—‌are totally unwilling to pull the trigger on often open perimeter shot opportunities.

Enter Kevin Love

The 32 year old 5-time All-Star is currently rotting away in Cleveland. His career has been derailed by both nnumerous nagging injuries and Cleveland’s front office evaporating once LeBron James went to Los Angeles even though everyone on Earth knew he was leaving except for Cleveland who traded Kyrie Irving for little Isaiah Thomas. Genius shit.

However, much like Blake Griffin in Detroit, I truly believe that Love has more to offer and could contribute to a playoff team if given an opportunity. Even if he’s no longer provides the threat of scoring 20 and grabbing 20 rebounds, he’d still significantly improve the Knicks offense.

Love has ranked in the top 20 in 3-point attempts 4 times in his career. He’s an instant mismatch as a power forward that can stretch the floor. No doubt in my mind he could come in and take those bench minutes that Kevin Knox and Obio Toppin piss away.

With Mitchell Robinson set to return to the lineup, he and Nerlens Noel have the center position on lock. You could take Taj Gibson out of the rotation and place Kevin Love there. Julius Randle is 2nd in the league in minutes per game. Love can allow Randle to sit without the team losing a scoring threat.

Imagine a crunch time lineup of Julius Randle and his improved defense at the 5. Love at the 4. Reggie Bullock at the 3. RJ Barrett at the 2. Immanuel Quickley at the 1. And Obi Toppin in Cleveland doing whatever the fuck.

Bring. Me. Kevin. Love.


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