Get Jay Glazer The Fuck Out of Here

Jay Glazer is a Fox Sports reporter that also runs a UFC gm that also hangs out with The Rock that also does not own a neck.

On Tuesday he declared he had massive news but didn’t report anything as to get more people to watch his show. Apparently he has a show.

This is why everyone gets their news from Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport. When they get news, they immediately tweet it out. Adam Schefter doesn’t tweet ‘omg you guys won’t BELIEVE what I just head. Tune in to Get Up tomorrow morning to find out what a little birdy told me’.

Jay Glazer is a gossipy bitch.

Not only did he prove that he should never be considered a journalist ever again but the news he finally broke was remarkably unimportant.


This was the massive news? Rams center, Brian Allen, has coronavirus? Ok. Real quick: who the fuck is Brian Allen?

Imagine tuning into Jay Glazer’s show and finding out that his big scoop was that in the midst of a global pandemic in which everyone and their mothers are being infected with coronavirus, a random NFL player also has that virus. No shit.

It’s gross as hell to use this deadly disease to raise your viewership. Over 34,000 people have died from this shit in America. Over 140,000 people worldwide. Perhaps we shouldn’t pretend like reporting on athletes catching COVID is some scandalous story like Tiger Woods cheating on Elin Nordegren.

Is Brian Allen cool with having his info used to get Fox Sports more clicks?

Guys seriously, who is Brian Allen? Wouldn’t shock me at all if this is a completely fabricated story and Brian Allen is the name of Jay Glazer’s character on The Sims.

But that’s not even the best part of this Jay Glazer fiasco. Not only did he tease a big news story only for that story to be that a no-name NFL player is sick but he was immediately dunked on by a REAL news story.


Wow, you mean to tell me that Rapoport found out that an NFL superstar tested positive for Coronavirus and didn’t keep it to himself for a couple of days so he can drive up views for his own personal brand? Strange.

Jay Glazer just got absolutely cucked. Your little Brian Allen news was cute or whatever but Von Miller has the disease too and we actually know who he is and we didn’t have to tune into your wack ass show for the biiiiig reveal that someone has a potentially fatal illness, you dumb thoughtless round-headed loser.

Here is Glazer’s explanation for his nonsense:

“I work for FOX. I don’t work for Twitter. If I could save something for ‘FOX NFL Sunday’ or a show I’m gonna do, that’s my job. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Love how he turned this into a labor issue by basically saying he doesn’t work for free and that his content belongs on his show, not Twitter’s platform. *eye roll* I guess that’s somewhat true or whatever. We willingly give free content to Twitter and Instagram and every day and in exchange, we get Likes and Retweets which do not pay for groceries. Trust me, I’ve tried.

That being said, no, Jay. Your value on Fox is as a credible source of information. The second you trade that credibility for views, you lose that value. You are not an opinion guy like Colin Cowherd. You’re not a host like Erin Andrews. And you don’t do in-depth analysis like Tony Gonzalez. You are the info guy and your info is compromised.

And by the way—and no offense to whomever he is but like—who gives a shit about Brian Allen? What was that show like that night? I assume the news warranted a lengthy 60-second discussion before everyone moved on to literally anything else. Good thing you kept that one close to the vest, Jay.

Get Jay Glazer OUUT of here.





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