Get In Shape With These Awesome Sports Without Boring Yourself To Death

During the lockdown, people went in one of two directions. Either they chose to accept defeat and dove into the junk food stash. Or, they decided to go on a fitness kick. If you’re in the latter group then you might be getting tired of the typical workout routines. While they are useful as a starting point they become dull and dreary far too quickly. Here are some other options that you can consider that will get the blood pumping and help you shed that extra weight. 


Soul Cycle 


Are you interested in riding a bike at high speed while someone hurls abuse at you like a military officer from an old war film? Okay, we’re not quite selling it but it does have benefits. The verbal commands are highly motivational and will push you to go further and harder than you would usually get with your typical workout.

As well as this, it’s a group activity so everyone’s in misery together and people who complete this activity swear it helps them take the pounds off in a matter of days. You also get a kickass workout playlist that you are sure to love. 




You might also want to explore the wonderful world of mixed martial arts. MMA is suitable for people of all ages and it could even be a family activity that both the kids and the adults enjoy. Throwing someone to the floor can also be quite stress-relieving so it’s perfect if you’re carrying some excess tension as well as extra weight on your belt.

Regardless of whether you have never experienced MMA before, you’ll find classes that can teach you the basics and ensure that you are ready to face your first opponents.

Remember, when you learn a skill like this, you always have to be careful that you don’t use it outside of controlled conditions. 


Wild Swimming 


Also known as outdoor swimming, wild swimming is a popular activity because it is very freeing and offers numerous health benefits. You can find various studies that highlight the benefits of swimming in natural freshwater rather than a chlorine soaked pool.

As well as this, wild swimming can provide an awesome workout where you have to push yourself to perform. For instance, you can swim upstream in a river. You might be wondering about the potential danger of an activity like this, particularly with the recent reports surrounding the death of Naya Rivera.

You do have to be careful where you choose to swim and ensure that you are sensible in terms of what you can do. Even then, there will always be risks with this type of activity. 


As you can see, there are definitely some fantastic sports and activities that you can consider that will help you lose weight, get in shape, and aren’t as boring as hell. So, if you are tired of jogging around the sport at an average speed or practicing yoga poses, give these a go. You won’t be disappointed with the results, we guarantee it. 


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