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Get Conor McGregor The Fuck Ouuuuut of Here

This past Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys hosted former UFC Champion and current loser, Conor McGregor. McGregor spent the pregame warm-ups skipping around the field and prancing around with his cool new NFL pals.

And then McGregor threw a football and looked like he was a little boy playing catch for the first time with his dad after his dad walked out on the family 4 years earlier. It is one of the least athletic moments in sports history.

But what bothers me most about this is that OF COURSE Conor McGregor is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Both McGregor and the Cowboys represent everything I hate about sports. Dogwhistle, wink-wink racism and the lamest fans on planet Earth that feel cool rooting for McGregor or Dallas even though they don’t even really watch their sports.

Conor McGregor may or not be racist (he’s racist) but he certainly has no problem using racism to help promote his fights like this weird line he said at Jose Aldo about Brazil:

“I own this town, I own Rio de Janeiro. I would invade his favela on horseback and would kill anyone who wasn’t fit to work, but we’re in a new time, so I’ll whoop his ass instead.”

McGregor was racist against Nate Diaz calling him a ‘cholo gangster’. Then racist against Floyd Mayweather when he said ‘dance for me, boy’. If a white person calls me ‘boy’ what they are actually saying is ‘please throw me off the nearest bridge. I am ready to die’.

And then he was racist with Khabib Nurmagomedov and mocked his religion. Islamophobia perhaps isn’t the best way to promote a fight that we’re all going to watch on a live stream for free regardless.

He lost all of those fights. He even lost the massive brawl after the Khabib fight.

Conor McGregor is a loser.

If I see one more person strut like McGregor I’m going to need to be held like Khabib Nurmagomedov was when he tried to jump the cage and beat up McGregor’s trainers after their fight.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Now he’s hanging out with the Dallas Cowboys? I’m sick. My two enemies are joining forces. McGregor fans and Cowboys fans teaming up to demand players stand for the National Anthem and making outdated, unfunny early 2000’s Mind of Mencia style jokes about Mexicans.

Get Conor McGregor OUUUUUT of my life.




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