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Georgia Tech in Trouble Because Jarrett Jack Took Wendell Carter To a Strip Club During His Recruitment Visit

Jarrett Jack is the worst recruiter of all time.

Former Georgia Tech and NBA player Jarrett Jack was reportedly involved in sending Wendell Carter to a strip club while the now-Chicago Bull was on a recruiting visit to the school in 2016.

Sources told Jeff Goodman of Stadium that Carter is the recruit who was taken to a strip club by one of Georgia Tech’s assistant coaches and Jack was the booster serving the school’s interest.

Per Ken Sugiura of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the NCAA served Georgia Tech with a notice of allegations Thursday for alleged high-level recruiting violations involving former assistant basketball coach Darryl LaBarrie and Ron Bell.

The notice mentions LaBarrie “took a prospect on an official visit and a team member to a strip club and facilitated an improper recruiting contact with a person described in the notice as a representative of the school’s athletics interest” in November 2016. (BR)

For quick context, Wendell Carter Jr went to Duke University. Not Georgia Tech. Do you want to know why he went to Duke instead of Georgia Tech? Because Coach K didn’t send the Brooklyn Nets backup point guard to go get boners with him at the local strip club.

To add more insult to the Carter family name, apparently Jarrett Jack only gave Carter $300 for the night. The disrespect levels are through the roof. What in the world is Wendell Carter supposed to do at an Atlanta strip club with $300? That’s what it cost to get through the front door. A bud light costs $50 and you better tip your bartender.

Jarrett Jack looks like a dope fiend and based off his time here in New York, he appeared to have the personality of whole milk. Imagine being 17 years old and having to spend a night in a strip club with this man in his mid-30s as he talks your ear off about Georgia Tech and like, the fundamentals of basketball.

You’d be at Duke right now playing with Zion Williamson.

Take scholarships away from Georgia Tech. They have no idea how to recruit and they’re making everyone look bad. Rick Pitino is rolling in his grave.




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