Geno Smith’s Dad Received Death Threats and I Do Not Feel Bad At All

“I was just at work,” Smith Jr. told Dan Duggan of NJ Advance Media. “I answered and he was like, ‘Geno?’ So I just listened and he was like, ‘Is this Geno?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He was like, ‘Your son better not start or we’re going to kill you.’ I kind of just laughed and then he hung up.”

Smith Jr., 43, was monitoring workers who were aiding relief efforts by FEMA in South Florida when he got the call from an unrecognized number with a Missouri area code. He was not particularly alarmed by the threat.

“If someone was going to kill me, they ain’t going to call me and tell me,” Smith Jr. said.


Yup, no one has ever killed someone after telling them that they’re going to kill them first. Wow, Geno’s dad is just as dumb as Geno. Can we get rid of both of these assholes forever? I mean, ya know, don’t kill anyone but hey, maybe like, kidnap them or something.

Geno Smith should never play in New York again. He probably shouldn’t play quarterback at all but if he starts for the Giants again, his dad should be murdered. That’s extreme but actions have consequences. You end Eli Manning consecutive start streak and you suck at quarterback, you lose your dad. I think that was in the last  NFLPA collective bargaining agreement.

Geno Smith sucks and his dad probably sucks too.


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