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Genius Move By Conor McGregor To Retire Right Before We All Find Out About His Sexual Assault Charge

First of all, we all know that this isn’t an actual retirement, right? What about this sociopath makes you believe that he would casually retire via a tweet sent at 1am on a random Monday night. McGregor would shut down a city and throw a parade for himself when he’s actually finished.

McGregor thinks he’s worth more than UFC is willing to pay him which is insane considering he hasn’t won a fight since 2016. You might as well retire. No one wants to see their Irish hero continue to get his head bashed in every time he steps into the ring.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor is under investigation by Irish police for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in a Dublin hotel in December, according to the New York Times’s Tariq Panja. McGregor hasn’t been charged with a crime, though he was arrested and questioned by Irish authorities on Jan. 17. Shortly before the news broke today, McGregor announced that he was once again retiring from MMA, which he’s pretended to do before.

The alleged sexual assault occurred at Dublin’s Beacon Hotel, of which the Times reports McGregor is an “occasional guest” of the hotel’s penthouse suite. His most recent visit reportedly came in December, and an anonymous person “familiar with the hotel operations” said McGregor was there the night before the alleged assault. The cops reportedly have collected physical evidence and are reviewing CCTV footage. Neither the UFC nor McGregor’s publicist issued a comment to the Times, though a rep for McGregor said, “We don’t comment on rumors.” (Source)

Ohhhhh, okay. I see what’s happening here. File for retirement and collect your pension before you get sentenced to years in prison for raping a woman.

You can tell a lot about the type of guy that Conor McGregor is when you hear that he’s a sexual assault suspect and you’re not shocked or surprised at all.

Is he expecting all of this to go under the radar now that he’s retired and living the ‘private life’? It’s a bold strategy. We’ll see how this plays out.

Can’t imagine this helps McGregor’s plan to get more money from UFC but it definitely explains why he needs it considering he needs to pay for a team of lawyers to slander this woman’s reputation and sexual history to make her look like a sex-crazed liar and McGregor gets away with sexual assault. We know how this goes.

So yea, thank you for not paying him more money, Dana White.

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