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Chick is Selling Her Breast Implants For $500

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A woman is selling her used breast implants for £500 on eBay after getting news ones when she turned 25. 

Gemma, from Surrey, said she was selling the seven-year-old ‘Harley Street’ implants that were inserted before her 18th birthday.

She wants £500 for the implants and has posted a variety of pictures of her ‘modelling’ them. 

The post on eBay reads: ‘Here I have used 7 year old breast implants that were put in by Harley street surgeon.

‘I had surgery before my 18th birthday and changed recently before my 25th birthday. Any questions please ask.

‘Selling due to replacement.’

(Daily Mail)

Shout out to Gemma for scamming and working the fake boob underground black market. We need more heroes like her in the game willing to resell her old used bombs before she gets brand new ones. Everyone knows that once you turn 25 you have to get a brand new set. Common knowledge.

Now, I don’t know much about the process of purchasing a new chest but are you allowed to hand the plastic surgeon implants that you bought off of Ebay? I feel like that’s not sterile. Most doctors probably frown upon that.

I also don’t know where ‘Surrey’ is but I guess that’s a place where doctors are cool with you bringing your own supplies to the surgeries.

You’re a hero, Gemma.



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