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Gary Sanchez Should Be Austin Romine’s Backup

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi benched catcher Gary Sanchez for Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Indians, citing Sanchez’s poor defense.

“The start is not the message,” Girardi said, per’s Andrew Marchand. “The message came from us verbally that, ‘Your defense needs to improve. That you need to get better. You need to work at it.’ We have stressed how important it is. There are certain situations that some people may not think that something that happens in the game affects the next game. It could if it leads to 10 extra pitches for a reliever.”

(Bleacher Report)

Before I shit on Gary Sanchez, I will throw him a bone and say that for a catcher, his .488 slugging with 17 home runs and 52 RBIs is a big deal. Offense doesn’t usually come from that position so that’s a huge plus, although as of late he is a complete nonfactor at the plate. You can roll a ball in the dirt and Sanchez will swing like there’s a gun to his head.

Defensively, Gary Sanchez is the worst player on the Yankees. He currently leads the league in passed balls which allowed the Indians to score a run on Friday night in their rout of the Yankees. Sanchez is average at best at framing pitches and I don’t think he calls a game anywhere near as well as Austin Romine does.

But benching Sanchez doesn’t suddenly mean we never see him again. With Matt Holiday on the 15-Day DL, the Designated Hitter position has opened up for the guy. Plus, catchers don’t play every night so you’d still see him behind home plate at least once every series.

Gary Sanchez can no longer be the starting catcher of the New York Yankees. Defense with championships. If Sanchez wants to turn into Jesus Montero then he can do that from the bench.



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