gary sanchez returns from dl

Gary Sanchez Returns From DL #PrayForMLB

The prodigal son returns. God’s gift to baseball returns to the lineup at catcher this weekend in Wrigley Field to help bury the defending the World Series Champions. It’s a shame that Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta won’t be able to sleep this weekend as they toss in turn in bed with night terrors of El Gary blasting their pitches to the poor side of Chicago.

With Greg Bird going on the DL1, the Yankees have yet to put their full Voltron together but now that Matt Holiday, Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are all in the lineup this weekend, what do opposing pitchers even do? Their automatic out was Kyle Higashioka but now that bum is back in the minors where he should spend the rest of his life.

How soon until Gary Sanchez catches up with Aaron Judge‘s home run total? Two games?




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  1. which is best case scenario since like he, ya know, stinks right now

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