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Gary Sanchez Isn’t Perfect and That’s What Makes Him Perfect

Gary Sanchez officially sets a new New York Yankees franchise record of single-season home runs by a catcher after smashing no. 34 earlier this week against the Texas Rangers.

What makes that home run mark so impressive is that Gary has only played in 99 of the Yankees 140 games this year. Both dealing with his annual groin injury and never playing day games after catching night games, he has still hit the most home runs on the team.

Let’s never forget when Sanchez debuted in 2016 and proceeded to hit 20 bombs in only 53 games. He personally ended Alex Rodriguez’s Yankee career just snatching that DH position from his old HGH stuffed hands. Since August 10th this season, he’s leading the American League in home runs. When Gary gets hot, he’s the best power hitter in baseball.

But he’s not always hot and when he’s off, it’s open season to criticize the most dynamic player on the Yankees because of a passed ball or not sprinting full speed to first base on a routine ground out.

Last week an elderly man wrote a garbage article for the New York Post titled ‘Gary Sanchez Doesn’t Know a Thing About Baseball’. Ok. And I bet that post had the most clicks the NY Post has had in years because Sanchez is such a polarizing player.

That article challenges Sanchez’s knowledge of baseball because uh, he swings too hard for home runs, which literally every player on the Yankees does since maybe Wade Boggs.

He also made a point that Gary Sanchez is a bad base runner. Since when are we judging catchers on their base running ability?

I think because Gary smashes homers like a corner outfielder, people tend to forget that he’s still the catcher who is not only responsible for putting together strong at-bats four times a game but he also has to essentially set up the gameplan with the starting pitcher every night. Sorry he isn’t the best at sliding into second base to prevent a double play.

For some reason, everyone turns into body language experts when they watch Sanchez play. We think he’s not trying or isn’t putting his 1000% effort when running the bases or chasing after passed balls.

Or maybe he’s just so fucking talented that everything he does look effortless. Maybe he’s just cool as shit and never wavers or expresses anguish.

We blew Derek Jeter for being even keel but Gary being calm is a problem. Joe Girardi won 100 games and was fired because he was too anxious and weird in the dugout during pressure situations. We want players to be cool, calm and collected unless they’re Gary. He needs to look like he’s busting his ass 24/7.

Gary Sanchez has 34 home runs in 99 games. He is the second-fastest player to get to 100 home runs in his career in the HISTORY of Major League Baseball. In 2017 he won a Silver Slugger award and received MVP votes.

Sure, he’s not a perfect player. He’s had the most errors and passed balls as a catcher in the last two seasons. But with that comes his cannon arm as he’s Top 5 is throwing out potential base stealers every year as well.

Gary Sanchez isn’t perfect and that’s why I love him. I love that he doesn’t run to first base when he grounds out because neither would I if I knew the next time I went up to the plate I was going to launch a baseball to Saturn.

I love that his knees point in towards each other in his batting stance as if he’s trying not to pee but man, that full swing is gorgeous.

*whispers* let’s also not overlook the fact that old white people think that everyone needs to speak English or ‘go back to their countries’.

We are so lucky to be witnessing the Gary Sanchez era.

You can love Aaron Judge and I truly believe that Gleyber Torres will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer with a statue outside of Yankee Stadium but Gary was the first prospect to come up from the minors and show out. We are living in the Gary Era. It’s his world and we’re all lucky to be living in it.

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