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Gary Sanchez is the Worst Player on the New York Yankees and It’s Not Even Close

I’ve been trying to ignore this all season but Gary Sanchez is currently batting .190 on the season and has 3 hits in his last 40 at-bats which is awful. Yes, he also has 12 homers and 35 RBIs. His OPS is .721 which is huge considering his inability to get hits. Honestly, I don’t even know where any of those stats came from. Seems like an MLB 2K glitch.

Gay Sanchez has 200 at-bats this season and has the third worst batting average among players with as many at-bats only ahead of Lewis Brinson of the Miami Marlins and Chris Davis in Baltimore, who might be having the worst season of any hitter in the league right now. Not greaaat company for Sanchez.

During every broadcast, we are told that Sanchez is the best hitter in this lineup which I get. No one gives you credit for being a smart baseball analyst if you say Aaron Judge is the best hitter. Random people who have never watched a game can draw that conclusion from walking past a newspaper on their daily commute to work.

But now calling Sanchez the best hitter is just mean to the other 8 hitters in the lineup. Even his backup, Austin Romine, is having a better statistical season with 1/3 of the at-bats. Now, this isn’t me campaigning for Romine to suddenly become the starting catcher, this article is more of a simple acknowledgment that Sanchez sucks.

It’s June. The ‘slow start’ narrative is over. Again, he’s had 200 at-bats and he’s playing as if guys like Brandon Drury and Clint Frazier aren’t in the minors begginggggg to get those plate appearances in the major leagues.

Actually, now that I’ve written it out, yes, Gary Sanchez should be benched temporarily. Let Romine start for about a week and call up Drury or Frazier to DH while Sanchez works on his defense because he is currently leading all catchers in passed balls. He’s not the worst defensive catcher in the league but if he’s not going to hit well then he should probably do a better job at stopping every baseball from rolling past him.

Dear Gary Sanchez, please hit more baseballs plz.




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