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Gary Sanchez Is The 2019 AL MVP

With yesterday’s homer to help the Yankees beat the San Diego Dads on Memorial Day, Sanchez made it even more clear that he is the best player in the American League.

Sanchez now has 16 homers and 32 RBIs with a slash line of .265/.338/.647. He is second in homers to only George Springer. He has one less home run than George Springer—in 49 fewer at-bats. He also leads the AL in slugging percentage.

How many years have you been fed the idea that Sanchez was the most talented hitter on the team and then proceeded to watch him get hot for a week before swinging at pitches thrown in the dirt for the rest of the year?

For awhile, the only thing separating Gary Sanchez from Greg Bird is that Bird wasn’t on the field enough for all of us to realize how bad at defense he was too.

In 2018, he struggled with a groin injury and a secret shoulder injury that led to a .186 batting average. He only hit 18 homers last year. Sanchez is going to pass that by the end of the week. Depending on how many more times the Yankees play the Orioles, he might triple last year’s numbers.

Expected Slugging Percentage (xSLG) is a stat that combines launch angle, exit velocity and essentially removes variables like defense and ballparks from the equation (so you can’t cry about the short porch in Yankees Stadium).

Gary Sanchez has a xSLG of .757 which is 74 points higher than the highest ever single season xSLG ever (JD Martinez in 2017 has the record as of now).

Let’s just go ahead and give Sanchez the MVP award now.

AL MVP Power Rankings As of Today:

  1. Gary Sanchez: 16 home runs 32 RBIs
  2. Eddie Rosario: 16 home runs 45 RBIs
  3. George Springer: 17 home runs 43 RBIs
  4. Joey Gallo: 15 home runs 35 RBIs
  5. Literally anyone except Mike Trout’s bitch ass

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