Gary Sanchez Credits His Recent Hitting Success To Hanging Out With Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Gary Sanchez hit a bit of a slump in recent months, and when young players go through slumps they turn to people who lived it. With that in mind, who better to turn to than a player that spent the last six years of his career slumping? Sanchez sought out the help of Yankee guilty pleasure Alex Rodriguez and New York guilty pleasure Jennifer Lopez, and apparently it helped.

Sanchez is 8 for 17 in the Yankees’ recent homestand in five starts, shortly after having lunch with Rodriguez and Lopez.

“We talked about pretty much everything. Everything that comes from him, it’s positive,” Sanchez said, according to USA Today. “We talked a little bit about defense, creating a routine, following your routine, preparing for games.”

The three have kept in touch since that lunch date via phone conversations, and Lopez has even shared words of encouragement for the young Yankee backstop.



This just goes to show that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are a magic couple. Once per lifetime there are two entities who come together to make the world a better place. In this millennia, it’s A-Rod and J-Lo combining forces to save us from ourselves.

Can’t ignore the elephant in the room here. Not a greeaaat look if you can’t hit a baseball then you have a private meeting with Alex Rodriguez and then next thing you know, you’re smashing baseballs off of Saturn’s rings.

But ultimately I am extremely jealous that Sanchez is just out here texting Jennifer Lopez whenever he wants getting scouting reports on opposing pitchers and shit. Texting A-Rod is cool too or whatever but that J-Lo ‘good morning’ text is everything.

Gary Sanchez is the luckiest man in the world.



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