Gal Gadot Only Made $300K For Wonder Woman (The Film Grossed Over $400 Million)

Gal Gadot’s three picture contract for Batman V. Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League is $300k per movie leaving her with $900k after Justice League premieres. That’s a cute little paycheck compared to the fact that Wonder Woman alone has made over $400 million since it debuted this month.

This is an OUTRAGE. Except for the fact that Chris Evans had the same exact deal when he signed on for Captain American which is essentially the same exact movie. I want to hate every decision DC makes but unfortunately, this is industry standard procedure.

But shout out to the film Wonder Woman for making women stand up for themselves. Everyone is Susan B. Anthony now. Bitches ain’t shit…but independent thinkers and overall equals to us. It should also be mentioned that Gal Gadot is projected to be the highest paid actress in Hollywood if/when the Wonder Woman sequel gets made so there’s that.

Also, DC gave Jack Nicholson 100% of the merchandise revenue for that one Batman movie he is that wasn’t even that good so good for DC for not making financially destructive deals for actors who barely want to be there. Hopefully they can make two consecutive good movies.[1. they won’t]




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