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Future Banged Scottie Pippen’s Wife

Future banged Scottie Pippen’s wife. That is an amazing sentence. What a time to be alive. First, Future is somehow getting out of paying child support for his son that he appropriately named ‘Future’ and now he’s inside of Scottie Pippen’s wife, Larsa Pippen.

How about Pippen spending his entire career holding Michael Jordan’s dick and now when he’s finally out of the limelight, his wife decides to blow Drake’s friend. But seriously, when was the last time you thought about Scottie Pippen before this story came out? When was the last time Larsa thought about Scottie? Had to have been long before Jumpman came out.

This is why I can never get married. I’m not trying to get publicly embarrassed when my wife is caught sitting on Trick Daddy’s face. Well, that’s a bad example. I’d be super happy for Trick Daddy if that were the case. He’s a had a rough life. He deserves a good day.

Scottie Pippen will forever be the biggest cuckold ever.


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