Future and Young Thug’s Super Slimey Is Exactly What You Thought It’d Be (Nothing More and Nothing Less)

At the end of 2016, Young Thug and Future teased the possibility of releasing a joint album in 2017 but after both rappers released solo projects without a single collab from the other, it seemed unlikely. Future released two albums in two weeks. Young Thug released an album where he sang over an acoustic guitar. 2017 was weird.

But the album we’ve all been waiting for has finally hit the streets. Super Slimey. What A Time To Be Alive, which ironically, Super Slimey is better than Future and Drake’s collab album and it’s not even close.

This album delivers from the very first track, No Cap produced by Southside. The second Future gets on the beat, I feel like I can lift a building out of the ground. Then when Young Thug comes on, there is no doubt in my mind that I can run through a brick wall. Just inject Future and Young Thug directly into my veins like Bane.

I describe this album as exactly what you thought it’d be, nothing more and nothing less because expectations were through the roof with these two and they perfectly matched those expectations. There is not a single track that disappoints and there isn’t a single track where I was like ‘holy shit, this is the best thing I’ve ever heard’. It was exactly what I expected which is perfectly fine.

When I hit play on a Future and Young Thug I am preparing myself for a few things: 1, Future is going to mumble about his drug addictions and I’m going to vibe out even though he’s rapping about a serious dependency on pills. 2. Young Thug is going to shout a hook that I can’t really discern but I know that it has something to do with either a home invasion or fucking my bitch. 3. I’m going to have superpowers for the entirety of the song.

Super Slimey delivered on all of those promises.

I been eatin’ me some heroin, oh about a brick (yeah yeah)
I got Barry Bonds on my wrist (yeah)
Blowed your college fund on my bitch (woo)

Future can do no wrong. All Da Smoke is my favorite song from this album and perfectly sums up both rappers as they boast about how rich they are but this is my favorite Future line from the album because again it casually highlights a serious drug addiction before bragging about blowing money on a watch. Bars.

Give me moody beats. Give me autotune. Give me mumbling. Give me Super Slimey.




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