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Fuck Zion, There’s a Far Better College Basketball Superstar No One is Talking About

Oh, ya’ll still talking about Zion Williamson? I don’t know her. I’m over here on Markus Howard Island where the weather is warm and 50 points are scored on a regular basis.

Markus Howard went 15-for-26 from the field including 10-for-13 from the 3-point line and 13-for-15 from the free throw line. Do you realize how ridiculous those stat lines are? Howard missed more shots from inside the perimeter than he did from behind the arc.

My man already has two 45-point games this season against Buffalo and Kansas State, two ranked teams. Duke is out here playing the Ivy League circuit with Zion dunking on future judges and Howard is putting up historic numbers on actual basketball players.

It should also be mentioned that Creighton would go on to win in his 53-point performance against Creighton. In that victory, Howard dropped 14 points in overtime. Zion Williamson may be the largest kid in college basketball but Howard has the biggest balls.

In 2019, basketball has almost completely shifted to the 3-point line and Markus Howard is taking 9.1 threes a game and making 41.9% of them. He;s like Trae Young last season but ya know, actually good.

I’m getting ahead of all the late Howard supporters that’ll come around during March Madness. Creighton is 13-3 this season thanks to his heroics and once that tournament starts, he’s going to absolutely dominate.

No place I’d rather be than Markus Howard island.




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