Fuck Your Twitter Memes, James Harden is the Best Player in the NBA

James Harden is my favorite basketball player on planet Earth and he also happens to be the most divisive player in the league with most fans claiming that he’s ‘unwatchable’.

People constantly claim that they don’t respect the way he manipulates the referees into calling fouls and that him standing on the perimeter just mentally melting his defender is boring to watch.

The Houston Rockets have won 9 out of their last 10 games, they’re currently 20-15 on the season and sit 5th in the Western Conference after an absolutely atrocious start to the year.

Last season when the Rockets were the No. 1 seed, they didn’t lose their 15th game until April 1st. This team STINKS compares to last season and they’ve lost Chris Paul with a hamstring injury yet somehow they keep winning.

Must have something to do with Harden. Maybe.

And cue the ‘James Harden flops tho’…

Oh no, it’s almost as if every single player in the NBA knows that James Harden is going to try to take advantage of the rule book yet that continue to make weird unnecesary contact with him throughout the game that they will get a foul called on. So whose fault is that?

I’ll live on this island where players who cheat directly in front of our eyes and get away with it are celebrated and all of you James Harden haters can keep snitching and being the police every time Harden might take an extra step or hook a defender’s arm to get some free throws.

What a fun way to watch the sport. With 9-1-1 punched up on your iPhone ready to make the call whenever a player steps out of line. You guys are sooo fun at parties making sure everyone has a coaster and that smoke better be tobacco and not that wacky grass.

And for those who hate the way he dribbles at the perimeter and doesn’t pass the ball, I’d love to know how you think it is that he’s Top 5 in assists this season and was first last season when he won the MVP.

Remember when Steve Nash used to make the same plays and won back-to-back MVP awards because of it? For someone who leads the league in shot attempts, there aren’t many guys in the league who are more willing passers than Harden.

He is dragging the Rockets on his back. Carmelo used to put up crazy scoring numbers. Anddd the Knicks would lose. Anthony Davis is CURRENTLY putting up crazy stats. Andddd the Pelicans are in 14th place right now.

James Harden is the best player in the NBA currently putting up historic numbers and carrying the Rockets to the top of the Western Conference and I don’t give a shit if he tricks the refs into extra free throws.

Stop calling the local sheriffs and just enjoy his greatness.




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