Fuck These Covington Catholic School Kids

Over the weekend, shitty kids at Covington Catholic High School went viral for taunting Nathan Phillips, an older Native American man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

I cannot erase the weak smirk of a white teenager wearing a Make America Great Again hat in the face of one of the most discriminated groups of people in American history from my brain. The image is completely indicative of what that hat is not so subtlely alluding to.

And almost instantly, the internet SMASHED the ‘you gotta hear both sides’ button into smithereens as a wave of defense immediately arose for these asshole kids who spent the day hissing at women and mocking Native Americans.

What is the point of even saying this? Let’s say you truly believe ‘oh, it’s just kids being kids’, how does patting them on the head and saying ‘aw shucks’ improve the situation and prevent it from happening again? You want to help these kids realize their error? Show them the actual consequences they deserve so that they don’t behave this way again.

Then the full video was released from the event along with a press release from Nick Sandmann, the student with the bitch ass smile in this infamous image and for some reason, news outlets and Internet personalities all backtracked their criticisms of that kid and apologized.

The video consists of a sea of MAGA teenagers arguing with
members of the Black Israelite cult and Nick Sandmann claimed he stepped up to diffuse the whole situation.

I’ve been shitting on the New York Times for years and their insatiable quest to give voices to Nazis. They are the captains of the ‘you gotta hear both sides’ movement so naturally, they jumped to provide the other side of a very clear portrait of racism.

This motherfucker is on a press tour now for reasons I cannot even fathom. It’s even being reported that these kids are being invited to the White House as they are the new face of Donald Trump’s quest to discredit the media and their alleged ‘fake news’.

But let’s make one thing extremely super clear: these entitled white MAGA teens that went to the National Indigenous Peoples Day parade in order to protest abortion and harass women that walked by are NOT the victims here.

No one jumped to any conclusions. These kids weren’t unfairly judged. Nothing that happened in the ‘full’ video takes away from the image we all saw.

White teenagers were mocking an old Native American man on
National Indigenous Peoples Day and were only there to protest women making their own choices on what they want to do with their body.

Nothing about what we saw was fraudulent or taken out of context. There were MAGA hats confindently degrading a man that they have power over because they can and now they’re being praised by white nationalists for a job well done.

Fuck these Covington Catholic School kids.

And get these apologists out of here. People think being in the ‘middle’ and not actually taking a side is somehow nobler than seeing a bunch of white MAGA kids terrorize a Native American man and saying ‘this is wrong’.

Again, fuck these kids.



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