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Fuck The New England Patriots For Trying To Steal Odell Beckham Away Last Season

Although the receiver signed a five-year extension with the Giants last offseason, his contract leaves open the possibility of a trade. According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, a trade after June 1 would cost the team only $4 million in dead cap space this year but $12 million in 2020. However, it will save $17 million in cap space for 2019 as well as most of the cash owed in the deal. (BR)

This is an absolute day ruiner. Those monsters in Boston really attempted a heist on the New York Giants franchise in the dead of the night. We are under attack and I don’t feel safe.

The New York Giants were so vulnerable last season and the Patriots were trying to take advantage of us. They won the Super Bowl and they still want what they can’t have.

Round of applause to the Giants front office for not pulling the trigger on this deal. This is the same front office that thought Eli Manning was still good enough so they didn’t even sign a fucking back up for him. They’ve made ONE good decision. Don’t trade Odell to the New England Patriots.

This last Super Bowl was trash. It was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history and was pretty much just a punting contest. Imagine if the Pats had ODB out there running slant routes and eating Marcus Peters’s lunch. I think I’m going to pass out thinking about it.

But like…should the New York Giants trade Odell Beckham?

Eh, probably not. After just watching the Knicks trade away the most talented player they’ve drafted since Patrick Ewing, I really don’t see the benefits of trading away alien-level talent for no reason.

If you’re going to draft a quarterback in the first round, it makes sense to give him an Odell Beckham to throw to instead of taking an Odell Beckham away.

And for some reason there is this perception that Odell is such a massive distraction but look at the offseason that Antonio Brown has had. Publicly resquesting trades, shitting on the organization and getting arrested left and right.

Odell hit a kicking net once. He’s a saint in comparison. The Giants are probably going to suck next year regardless of whether or not Beckham is there but trade him ANYWHERE except for New England. Don’t reward the Patriots for being creepy lurkers waiting for the Giants and Beckham to break up.



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