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Fuck Rodions Kurucs For Strangling His GF and Never Talk To Me About The Brooklyn Nets ‘Culture’ Ever Again

Brooklyn Nets forward Rodions Kurucs was arrested Tuesday following an allegation that he choked his then-girlfriend on June 27.

Graham Rayman and Trevor Boyer of the New York Daily News cited police sources who said Kurucs screamed, “I am going to kill myself” before choking the woman, pushing her on the bed, slapping her in the face twice, biting her lip and injuring her ribs by picking her up and throwing her on the bed.

The Nets released a statement on the arrest:

“After learning of the allegations against Rodions Kurucs, we notified and are assisting the League Office as they begin the process of gathering more information. The Nets organization takes allegations of this nature with extreme seriousness. While the investigation is underway and as we continue to learn more, we will refrain from commenting further.” (BR)

Fuck Rodions Kurucs.

I’m going to try everything in my power to not just write a 1,000 word article shitting on this garbage human because it’s 2019 and I shouldn’t need to explain why strangling your girlfriend is wrong.

Don’t hit women. Look at me, don’t hit women. Do you understand? Are we on the same page?

I do briefly want to point out no one belongs to you.

The person you’re in a relationship should be your partner. You are going into every relationship as 50/50 business partners so if that partnership doesn’t work, you don’t flip out and threaten to kill yourself and then proceed to beat the shit out of her to stop her from leaving you.

Everyone please figure out your own shit, your own flaws, your own problems, before you drag someone into a relationship to unknowingly carry your baggage for you ending with them being strangled when they realize you’re trash and try to break up.

Fuck Rodions Kurucs.

To Kevin Durant, Andrew Yang and every other weird NBA Twitter nerd who blows the New Jersey Nets organization for building a ‘winning culture’ even though they’ve never won shit; explain this shit right now.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving said they signed with the Nets this offseason because the Nets had stability and a better ‘culture’ than the New York Knicks. Where?

First of all, let’s stop rewarding the Nets tenfold for finally getting to the playoffs after trading all of their first round draft picks to the Boston Celtics for their aging stars in order to sell tickets to their new Barclays Center.

Cool, you found guys like Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie, who can both ball or whatever but uh, let’s not pretend that they’ve suddenly figured out the secret recipe for team building.

I’m also not 1000% convinced that their young core is better than Mitchell Robinson, RJ Barrett and Kevin Knox. But I AM 1000% convinced that Allonzo Trier is at home tweeting bible verses and Rodions Kurucs is in jail for chokeslamming his girl.

So what is the Brooklyn Nets culture?

The last time we saw the Nets play basketball, Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons were tossing Jarrett Allen and Jared Dudley around. What a great culture of fighting because you’re losing a playoff series. Personally, I love it. I don’t give a shit about being ‘classy’ but Nets fans think they invented class.

Before being traded to the Warriors, D’Angelo Russell was arrested for bringing weed to the airport.

Last week, Wilson Chandler was suspended for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

And now Rodions Kurucs is bodyslamming women.

Tell me more about the Nets culture. Ah yes, so much more stability than the Knicks, who outside having an owner that’s a dick, are pretty much having a quiet smart thoughtful offseason.

I’ve mentioned before that Kyrie and Kevin Durant don’t seem to have the most emotional stability. Can’t wait until they’re in a locker room with Kurucs—a man who is truly crazy —this season because the Nets have a terrible culture and won’t cut their player who STRANGLED his girlfriend.

Fuck Rodions Kurucs and the Nets ‘culture’. Knicks in 4.


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