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Fuck Hedo Turkoglu and The Turkish Government (Please Don’t Have Me Killed)

Enes Kanter won’t be traveling to London on January 17th for the New York Knicks game against the Washington Wizards in fear that the Turkish president will have him killed on foreign soil.

Kanter has been quite clear about how he feels about Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who he’s claimed to be this generation’s Hitler and because of those statements, his father has been arrested and Enes’s life has been threatened.

Former NBA player, Hedo Turkoglu who is now a special advisor to Erdoğan, essentially slammed the ‘fake news’ button on his desk and challened Kanter’s claim that he wasn’t safe in London.

Here is Turkoglu’s official statement:

So Hedo called Enes Kanter’s statements part of a ‘smear campaign’ and claimed that Kanter was lying about his fear of assassination. Instead, Kanter simply has a visa issue and couldn’t enter the UK even if he wanted.

And then Enes Kanter dropped the fucking hammer proving that his passport and visa is more than fine and Hedo Turkoglu is just a weird political puppet for a brutal dictator.

Remember when Hedo was leading the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals?That Turkoglu/Dwight Howard pick and roll was literally unstoppable. Hedo was one of the first modern point-forwards. They almost beat Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Do you know how happy that would’ve made me? I’d be a totally different person if Dwight won that ring and Kobe didn’t.

Andddd now he’s like, the Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Turkey manufacturing lies to protect a shitty vengeful president. This is like Dennis Rodman becoming best buddies with Kim Jong Un, except Turkoglu has actual power and influence and ya know, speaks the same language as

Fuck Turkoglu. Fuck Turkey. Please don’t have me murdered.




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