Fuck Drew Brees

Black people are tired of being murdered by the police and the homicide of George Floyd was the last straw. There is no more avoiding this issue. You’re either with us or against us and any statement outside of supporting these protests is racist. Drew Brees wanted to let the world know he was racist.

Here is Drew Brees’s ridiculous thoughts about protests:

It’s no longer 2016. You can’t ignore one man kneeling during the National Anthem by turning the argument into some bullshit about the flag to earn cheap brownie points by supporting the troops or whatever. Fuck the troops. This isn’t about the troops.

The days of changing the argument and making these protests about something that they so clearly are not about are over. You have to address police brutality head on and Drew Brees refusal to acknowledge that cops target black people and his insistence that he must protect some raggedy cloth that represents absolutely nothing to black people is so unbearably disgusting. Especially after the week we all just went through.

Drew Brees watched everything that went down this weekend. All of the cops that are STILL beating the shit out of protestors who are out here literally protesting to make the police stop beating the shit out of them and Drew is like ‘yessss shoot rubber bullets at their faces. Do it for the flag’.

Your silence on race issues is the equivalent of endorsing the police. Just come out and say you don’t care about black people.

Here is his bitch ass apology:

Motherfucker Googled ‘black and white handshake’ and wrote a corny ‘I’m sorry if you’re offended’ apology but far too little far too late. Again, after everything that you witnessed over the weekend, how could you sit on all those thoughts and emotions and have any comment outside of ‘I support black people and we need to defund the police’. That should be the only thing anyone is saying right now.

drew brees

And then you remember that Drew will never condemn the cops because he is a cop.

Sometimes I do wonder what it feels like to be white. To be able to watch that video of George Floyd being strangled by a nonchalant cop while his fellow cops are staring at screaming on-lookers essentially begging them to intervene so they can die with him and to feel absolutely nothing.

White privilege is watching that video and not knowing what the big deal is. It’s telling people which way they’re allowed to protest you. Telling people not to disrupt the sacred National Anthem or spray paint a building or smash a window or stay out past 8pm. It’s telling people ‘your little cause is cute or whatever but can you keep it down?’

If your protest is to be successful and impactful then it needs to make people uncomfortable and I am so happy guys like Drew Brees are publicly showing how uncomfortable they feel by black people taking back power.

This combined with Denver Broncos head coach, Vic Fangio, saying that he doesn’t see racism is exactly why people need to keep marching in the streets. White people’s ability to be staring at racism and completely disregard it is why Derek Chauvinthe officer that murdered George Floydwas able to get away with police brutality for YEARS before finally being arrested for second degree murder this week.

Stop letting people like Drew Brees tell you how to protest people like Drew Brees. And do not let these indifferent whites issue lazy apologies while we continue to be under attack by the police.

Fuck Drew Brees.



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