Fuck Crossfit

While most brands are releasing boring bland milquetoast and completely unnecessary statements about their support of black lives or the need to end racism or something else very vague and broad and overall lazy following the death of George Floyd.

Crossfit, however, has decided to take the opposite approach and be super racist. Bold move but let’s see how it plays out.

Here’s what Greg Glassman, the founder and CEO of Crossfit, said about George Floyd in a conference call:

“We’re not mourning for George Floyd, I don’t think me or any of my staff are. Can you tell me why I should mourn for him?” he said. “Other than it’s the ‘white’ thing to do. I get that pressure but give me another reason.”

Fuck Crossfit.

One of the few positives you can take from the Minneapolis police’s brutal murder of an innocent black man was that racists just cannot stop outing themselves. If your reaction to that 9-minute video of George Floyd slowly being strangled to death is ‘who cares?’ then you’ve probably made that clear in these past few weeks and you can just hand in your keycard.

Crossfit has always been the corniest fitness brand for sociopaths whose entire personality is centered around how many marathons they can run each month. Assholes hammer tires, jump on boxes and tear every muscle in their body doing unorthodox workouts that do far more harm to the human body than good.

I once dated a girl that did Crossfit. She tore her rotator cuff like, slapping heavy ropes up and down or whatever. She also left me for her ex-boyfriend who used to sell me weed so she was the queen of great decisions.

What was I saying? Ah yes, Greg Glassman, the Crossfit CEO that hates brown people.

Glassman has since resigned and forced to retire after this conference call went public but this isn’t going to change anything. His replacement and new CEO, Dave Castro, is just as shitty as Glassman.

At a 2019 Crossfit Games interview, Dave Castro sat on stage among a sea of white competitors and was directly asked about the companies diversity. It didn’t go well.

“This question is for Mr. Castro: So these are all amazing athletes right here but they all kind of look alike,” the questioner asked while referencing the five white competitors sitting on stage next to Castro. “What are your plans, if any plans, to add diversity to the roster?”

In a video of the exchange, Castro is seen smiling as members in the audience giggle and yell “next question!”

“Tomorrow morning, the first event will start at the water at 10 a.m.,” Castro said after a lengthy pause. “Teams and individuals are going to do a water event that will start there. Good evening.”

So the old CEO didn’t give a shit about black people and the new CEO uh, also doesn’t give s hit about black people.

Earlier this week I wrote about Alexis Ohanian stepping down from the Reddit board in hopes of his replacement being a person of color but Reddit was one of the most racist sites ever made and the people in charge did nothing about it. How could someone new step in and completely change a company’s entire culture? One person stepping away from a racist company does not suddenly clear that company of racism.

This is the biggest problem with how we are handling these racists. We can not fix systematic racism without revolutionizing the whole system. Greg Glassman is leaving Crossfit and being replaced by some other dude who could care less about equality.

Booing the Crossfit CEO and then cheering when he leaves as if the job is done is not enough. It’s the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi wearing African attire and kneeling for cameras and then wiping her hands clean like ‘welp, we solved racism today. Where should we go for lunch?”

We have to start messing with the money, guys. Boycotts work. I know I’m asking a lot of you but please stop going to these empty Crossfit warehouses and throwing medicine balls against the wall or jumping on boxes or whatever. Force companies to make radical changes or they will no longer be profitable.

And fuck Crossfit.



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