Fuck Blueface

“Rapper” Blueface, is a garbage bag.

Blueface is famous for rapping entirely offbeat and having absolutely nothing interesting to say. And I hate being the ‘real hip hop‘ guy like there’s a special spot in rap Valhalla preserved for me when I pass away if I can successfully recite all the words to Big L’s 97 Freestyle but Blueface’s popularity is like praising finger painters with the same financial incentives as we do for actual artists.

This infuriates me in ways I’m not sure I have the language to articulate right now but I will continue smashing keys until sentences are inevitably formed just as every Deadseriousness article is written around here.

Here’s a cute little fun fact: you are allowed to do charity work without cameras recording you doing charity work. Let’s just start with that.

Do good because it’s the right thing to do. Not because it’s a good look and will reward you with Likes, retweets and pats on the back.

My favorite is when people defend the taxing of billionaires because they donate all the time and shouldn’t be forced by the government to pay their equal share in taxes even though the reason they donate is to receive tax breaks that allows them to continue to accumulate more wealth while paying the fewest taxes as possible.

Again, do good because it’s the right thing to do. Turn your fucking cameras off and help people. Or don’t. But this Blueface stunt is disgusting.

Look at this grimy slow-witted motherfucker standing on top of a car throwing cash on the street to people like he’s tossing bread crumbs to pigeons in Central Park.

He’s making it rain on a community that is clearly in dire need of financial assistance as they crowd the car and jump on the ground for money when he could’ve easily handed money out into people’s hands, ya know, the way humans treat other humans.

I don’t want to hear ‘well, at least he’s giving them money’.

Fuck off.

Getting pleasure out of seeing people fight in the streets over your excess cash isn’t an honorable act. It’s an entirely selfish move meant exclusively to make Blueface feel better about himself. He doesn’t give a shit about these people. He’s not even treating them like people.

Blueface makes awful unintelligible music for kids who pretend to like rap so they can sit at the cool table in the cafeteria. He’s a childish bitch that humiliated and dehumanized random people for internet clout. What a bitchass dweeb.

Fuck Blueface.



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