Ariel Pink is a Loser

It has been very difficult seeing some of our favorites acts jump out of the window to support one of the worst presidents in American history. Next up to the plate to disappoint us is Ariel Pink who was seen marching at the capital before the riots broke out last week.

Ariel Pink is clearly a weirdo. He doesn’t hide that fact. But there’s something about being a Trump MAGA loser that just makes your music unlistenable. You can’t make crazy-sounding alternative music when you are a ‘stop the steal’ loser who thinks the election was rigged simply because you live in an echo chamber and don’t recognize that there’s an entire reality outside of the 10 people you interact with on Facebook. Need more self-awareness from my artists.

Ariel Pink defended his appearance at the Capital by tweeting “i was in dc to peacefully show my support for the president… i attended the rally on the white house lawn and went back to hotel and took a nap. case closed.”

Case closed.

I just marched in an angry mob with tension through the fucking roof. Anxiety and anger radiating off of everyone’s bodies. And when they got to the wall, I just went home because I was sweepy and needed a nappy poo.

Let’s make something extremely clear: no one went to the Captial Siege just for the vibes. To even be in the Facebook groups and Reddit boards to know this event was taking took a commitment. These people traveled across the country to fuck shit up.

It’s even stranger for Ariel Pink, a dude that wears purple wigs and women’s blouses, to be a full blown alt-right asshole considering they 1000% would call him homophobic slurs if they saw photos from his shows.

Quick shout out to his record label that dropped his ass. We love when actions have consequences, don’t we folks. It’s almost as if you can’t march to the Capitol building with hundreds of Nazis in an attempt to disrupt a democratic process and still get paychecks. Odd.

Fuck Ariel Pink. This just ruined so many of my playlists.





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