Fuck Amy Coney Barrett

8 seconds after Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, Republicans rushed to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice to tip the scales in a more conservative direction two months before a presidential election in which essentially every single poll depicted Donald Trump to lose magnificently.

Enter Amy Coney Barrett, the dead-eyed, bible licking cunt who on Monday night became the new Supreme Court Justice just one week before Election Day. She will have a lifetime appointment on the court and was placed there by a president who might not even be employed in 6 days.

Very cool.

I don’t want to write a dramatic sky is falling article. If you’re reading this then you’re probably already on Twitter and you probably already know how dangerous a 6-3 far-right leaning Supreme Court can potentially be.

I don’t want to dive into how the immediate concern is the overturning of Roe V. Wade and the complete destruction of women’s rights because a country that was established on the idea of separating church and state has placed radical conservative evangelical Protestants in the highest positions of power despite the fact that they only represent a tiny fraction of the population and now they are dictating our laws based on old testament in order to oppress non-white males in the name of god or whatever the fuck.

It’s 2020 and we’re still arguing about abortion. Grow up. You can think abortion is morally wrong because of your religion without thinking that the government should have any say on the matter knowing damn well how many women *need* abortions and how fatal the procedure becomes when not done at proper medical facilities.

When asked if women who have abortions should receive the death penalty, Amy Coney Barrett elected not to answer. Cunt. The correct response is ‘of course not. That’s fucking ridiculous. If I’m so concerned about the life of a baby who hasn’t been born yet and doesn’t actually have a life then I obviously care about the mother of that baby. Duh’. But instead she was like ‘I don’t want to say anything that will make people mad at me but wink wink’.

Amy Coney Barrett just became the most powerful judge on the planet. She has 3 years of experience being a judge after being nominated by Trump to a federal position in 2017. There are jobs on Indeed that you can’t apply to with less than 4 years experience and this straw-haired adult child has no experience being a judge and now she’s in charge of deciding cases that will alter generations.

I cannot believe we let this Amanda Knox doppelganger sneak her way into the highest position in the country with none of the proper qualifications and her only claim to fame is helping George W. Bush win the 2000 election after a super sketchy Florida recount.

It’s almost as if she was rushed into the court in order to runback the ‘steal an election’ play and the Republicans aren’t even pretending to hide it but we need not worry because all of the Democrats who were supposed to stop this and failed to do so will continue to allow Republicans to do whatever they want and then blame us for like, not voting hard enough even though when we do elect Democrats, they hand Republicans every single thing they want and then drive home smiling ear to ear thinking to themselves ‘ah, what a fun day of democracy’ as they drive past police officers in Mandalorian armor beating the shit out of protestors who deserve the beating because someone broke a window or didn’t vote or some shit.

That was a long sentence I blacked out. What am I writing about? Ah yes, the woman who has never tried a case to verdict or argued an appeal in any court now being the head of all courts.

Fuck Amy Coney Barrett and her tiny ‘faith-based’ brain that has guided her to dedicate her life to restricting her own rights and acting against her own self-interest in order to please a god that doesn’t give a shit about her disgusting existence that will 1000% land her a gorgeous mansion in hell.

Gay rights. Abortion. Health care. Legitimate voting processes. All a thing of the past as American continues it’s death march into oblivion thanks to Pam from The Office psychotic devotion to a book of makebelief.

Again, fuck Amy Coney Barrett.



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Written by TheLesterLee

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