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Fuck a Draft Pick, Daniel Jones Just Officially Became The King of New York

On Sunday afternoon, the New York Giants defeated the Washington Redskins in a WILD 41-35 overtime shoot out in which both teams left their defenses in the locker room as they battled to lose in order to secure a higher draft pick.

Naturally, the Giants won and went from the No. 2 overall draft pick down to No. 4.

The New York Giants have been a nightmare to watch for most of this season. It started with two awful Eli Manning starts followed by two amazing Daniel Jones starts and then a bajillion fumbles later and an Eli Manning farewell that no one asked for, we finally saw the best version of this Giants offense.

I can’t imagine sitting there watching the most thrilling game the Giants have played all season and being pissed about draft order or some shit.

Daniel Jones had the best game of his entire career. 66% completion percentage, 352 yards, 5 touchdowns and a 132 passer rating. Not a damn interception. FIVE touchdowns.

I’ll fight someone over my love of Danny Dimes and even I’m shocked at that stat line. How did he not lose a fumble? Losing fumbles is his favorite thing on Earth right next to cucking Eli and he didn’t lose a fumble.

Fuck a draft pick.

Saquon Barkley might be the most disappointing player on the team considering how high he was drafted and how much Giants GM, Dave Gettleman, acted as if Barkley was molded out of clay by Zeus in order to win football games in New Jersey.

In Week 10, Barkley had 13 carries for one (1) yard against the New York Jets. That was coming off an outstanding weekend in which he had 14 carries for 28 yards against the Dallas Cowboys. But don’t worry, he rallied back from that embarrassing 1-yard game and hit up Chicago for 59 yards rushing on 17 carries.


So needless to say, seeing Saquon Barkley rush for a career high 189 yards against Washington was far more exciting than the 2020 NFL draft order.

Now, I understand what the Giants theoretically passed up on by winning this game. Ohio State defensive end, Chase Young, is poised to be the next great pass rusher in the sport.

The Giants have the 21st ranked pass rush this season so throwing Chase Young onto that defensive lie could transform their defense completely much like the addition of Nick Bosa did for the San Francisco 49ers this season.

That being said, let’s took a look at the best pass rusher in the NFL today. Chandler Jones leads the NFL with 19 sacks this season. Let’s take a look and see if the Arizona Cardinals clinched the No. 1 seed in the playoffs or if they have to play a road ga—wait, what’s that? The Cardinals only have one more win than the Giants do? But they have the best rusher in the league. Surely, they are the Super Bowl favorites. No? They’re drafting right after the Giants? Word.

Win every single game and worry about your draft later.

I will say this, I do not in any way trust Dave Gettleman to make a smart selection here. He is the king of reaching for players that would’ve been available later. Daniel Jones is a beast. He also would’ve been available in the second round because absolutely no team had him on their draft boards ahead of Drew Lock.

Saquon Barkley went No. 2. A running back. In 2018. Went No. 2 overall. Reminder: he rushed for 1 yard in a game this season.

It doesn’t matter where the New York Giants draft as long as Dave Gettleman is still making the selections.

If anything, we should all be pissed that winning this game might save Gettleman and head coach, Pat Shurmur, even though they’ve proven their incompetence. But we’re crying about draft order?

The Giants have so many holes on their offensive line, and every level of defense. Why don’t we have this same energy when Gettleman is literally giving away draft picks to acquire Leonard Williams, a player who would have been available in free agency without having to send assets to the Jets for no reason.

New York could have the first pick or the 32nd, Dave Gettleman is going to ruin this.

So let’s sit back and enjoy watching Saquon break the franchise record with 279 yards from scrimmage and thumping a division rival.

And look at Daniel Jones snatching the torch away from Eli at a corny bar that probably played no less than 4 Asher Roth songs that night.

A king.

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