Sooo there’s kind of a huge elephant in the room when it comes to the music industry. Kesha has basically been held hostage by her music label and Dr. Luke, the man responsible for producing most of Kesha’s music as well as the man responsible for drugging and raping her. Jack of all trades, I suppose.

Before I rant about the absurdity of the entire situation, I guess I should first address the people who don’t feel bad for Kesha. These are the same people that don’t believe that celebrities are real humans. Like the second a person gets a Wikipedia page, they are no longer a vessel of emotions and critical thought.

Kesha is a 28-year old woman. A living breathing organism who by all accounts, doesn’t enjoy being sexually abused. If you don’t like Kesha for whatever reason than I think you can at least agree with her anti-rape stance. The idea that you don’t sympathize with her is insane.

Perhaps you don’t fully understand why this situation is a big deal. Kesha signed with Dr. Luke in 2005 when she was just 18-years old and four years later she started working under the Sony umbrella. In 2014, she sued Dr. Luke for sexual assault and claimed that the abuse had been occurring for her entire career working with him.

That’s a fucking nightmare work environment but it gets worse. Last week the courts denied Kesha her ability to break free of her contract. The problem with that is Kesha is under contract for 6 more albums which would require her to work with Dr. Luke for the next 12 years. That’s RIDICULOUS.

I read an article that argued that it is Kesha’s fault for signing a long-term deal with Sony. I know we live in a time where independent artists are taking over the internet but there should be no argument that for someone who makes pop music, it’s all about signing to the biggest record label and have the best production teams and the biggest marketing programs.

Anyone who is blaming a young music artist for signing a deal with a major record label needs to not have an opinion anymore. Even if you disagree with her business decision, I think you should be allowed to cut ties when your boss starts rubbing your tits every day.

Imagine all you ever wanted to do is deep fry food so you signed a one year contract with McDonald’s. Your dream job. Well, suddenly your shift manager starts placing his balls on your shoulder every day. You just want to deep fry shit. If a court decided that you have to continue working at that McDonald’s with the creepiest human on Earth until your contract is up, you probably feel like you were being held captive.

Kesha is basically a prisoner to Sony and her rapist, Dr. Luke, who isn’t even a fucking doctor. Calling yourself ‘doctor’ is a surefire way to let the world know that at some point in your awful life, you’re going to take advantage of a woman.


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