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Free Nolan Arenado

The Colorado Rockies completely fumbled this offseason by placing a gigantic For Sale sign in front of Nolan Arenado’s locker and essentially begging teams to take him. They even posted him in the Craigslist free stuff section. They Nolan on the curb and hoped some overzealous DIY mom would stop as she was driving past and tie him to her car’s roof.

Here’s what old news, Nolan Arenado, had to say about the offseason trade talks:

“I wasn’t mad that I wasn’t traded. I was just upset it was out there. I guess they felt they needed to put it out in the public to let the fans know what was going on. I just thought it should have been kept in-house. So it was just frustration, a mixture of a lot of things, that came out.”


The Rockies signed Arenado to an 8-year $260 million contract LAST SEASON and they’re already looking to get rid of his salary a year later. The problem is, there a player option after the 2021 season so the best player in franchise history could be long gone in two seasons and I’m sure shopping him around really made Arenado feel comfortable about opting in.

What a dumb contract.

I both understand Colorado’s fear that Nolan is going to walk out as he’ll be 31 and it could be his last opportunity to truly cash out and it’s easy to understand Nolan not being in love with Colorado whispering to other GMs ‘please take him’ like Odell Beckham asking opposing team’s coaches to trade for him before every game.

Last season, Nolan Arenado hit 41 bombs with 118 RBIs, 128wRC+, .269 ISO and a .315 batting average. Arenado was an All-Star. He won a Gold Glove at third base. He finished 6th in MVP voting.

Nolan Arenado was a fucking monster in 2019 and the Rockies hopelessly trying to rid themselves of his greatness.

I need a team to step up and free Nolan from purgatory. I don’t mean to make everything about the Yankees but Colorado has become their new farm system at this point with the acquisitions of Adam Ottavino, DJ LeMahieu, Chad Bettis, Mike Tauchman and Chris Ianetta. They’re basically the Colorado Yankees. Arenado is the final piece of the puzzle. This is prophecy.

Free Nolan Arenado.










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