Fox Sports Website Going Exclusively To Video Only Content is the Worst Decision Ever

ESPN and Fox Sports are currently competing to become the most obsolete archaic sports programming brands. Neither company has any idea how the internet works while companies like Bleacher Report lap them.

Clearly there is a little bit of a bias here as I am a writer on the internet that does not make videos and there’s only like, 3 of us left. But who actually gets their news from videos? How does Fox Sports think that this is a good idea?

Have you ever gone to CNN for a news article and been forced to click ‘pause’ on the video at the top but then you end up accidentally clicking on an ad while the video stills plays and next thing you know your computer is freezing and all you wanted to do was read a brief story about Betsy Devos taking candy from a baby or something.

The worst part about Fox Sports going all video, besides the fact that it puts talented writers out of work, is that Fox Sports’ on-air talent suuuuuucks. Their website is going to be stuffed with Jason Whitlock saying that Lavar Ball is bad for black people or Skip Bayless say that Lavar Ball definitely can beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 or Colin Cowherd spitting that Lavar Ball is the best thing to ever happen to sports. Fox Sports is the worst.

Let writers write. forever.





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