Fox News Employees Are Terrified To Work on Laura Ingraham’s New Show

When conservative author and talk radio host Laura Ingraham sits down in the anchor chair on Oct. 30 for the first time as a host on Fox News’ evening lineup, the cable network will be making a multi-prong bet.

The first is that its audience will gladly stomach another evening hour of ardent Donald Trump boosterism. The second is that someone who’s spent the much of her career in radio can translate to television. But the third, and perhaps biggest, gamble is that the notoriously combative and difficult-to-work-with Ingraham can run a functioning show.

A number of Fox staffers are dreading the possibility of working for Ingraham, who, even among the healthy egos that populate America’s cable newsrooms, has built a reputation as overbearing. According to numerous sources, Ingraham has been, occasionally, a verbally abusive boss, who will not hesitate to scream at employees if something goes awry. Two former employees of her radio show recounted to The Daily Beast separate instances of Ingraham hurling objects at staff members in displeasure. Though Fox declined to address most specific examples of her conduct, the channel issued a blanket denial of such allegations.

(Daily Beast)


I’ve recently become obsessed with all behind the scenes operations at Fox News because it’s the wild west over there. It’s a bunch of old white men and young(er) blonde women running around groping each other and trying to say the most insane things on the air that they possibly can to get ratings. I love it.

It’s hard to believe that it took this long to give Laura Ingraham her on show on this network but I guess a few old men had to lose their jobs for touching women that look like Laura Ingraham before that spot opened up.

I’m legitimately hyped for this show. It’s going to be madness. Conspiracy theories and Donald Trump dickriding all night long but from the perspective of a woman who for sure doesn’t believe any of the words she’s saying. I support all scammers out here lying for pageviews and clicks. Cannot. Knock. The Hustle.

I also can’t wait for all of the behind the scene stories of her throwing equipment at employees and screaming in intern’s faces. I will see you all when her show airs and a hot mic catches her during the commercial break calling a shy intern a ‘fag’ for not looking her directly in the eyes. Can’t wait.


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