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Former NFL Player Arrested For Bringing a Sword To a Youth Basketball Game

What Happened?

Former NFL player Charlie Rogers was arrested by the Aberdeen (N.J.) Police Department on Monday for wielding a sword and making terroristic threats at a youth basketball event, six weeks after leaving a voicemail threatening a youth football player.

Rogers, who played five seasons in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills after starring at Georgia Tech, brandished the sword during an Oct. 5 incident at the Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School, during an event for parents of a local youth basketball travel team.

According to Aberdeen Police Chief John T. Powers, the 42-year-old Rogers turned himself in Monday and was also charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, stalking and unlawful possession of a weapon.

(USA Today)


Sooo former NFL running back and special teamer, Charlie Rogers smoothly transitioned from professional football life to becoming a local youth football coach. Nothing problematic about that. He’s giving back to the community. What a great guy.

Then Charlie Rogers got into a bit of an argument with one of the parents and 3 months later, showed up to a basketball game to murder someone with a sword. The natural progression of events. Nothing strange there.

Sword guys are the weirdest guys on Earth. Kill Bill is one of my favorite movies and I didn’t walk away from that thinking that I needed a sword. Although I did want one of those fire Bruce Lee yellow tracksuits. In fact, I’m about to search Amazon for that right now.

Look Charlie Rogers up forever just because we need fewer sword guys on the streets. Next time you see me, I’ll be in a sleek yellow jumpsuit.


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