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Former New York Yankees Pitcher Kevin Brown Hid in His Neighbor’s Yard With a Gun To Catch Local Mail Thieves..Again, With a Gun

What Happened?

According to Laura Corley of The Telegraph, Brown recently caught two mail thieves in his Macon, Georgia, neighborhood and held them at gunpoint until police arrived. From Corley:

After several reports of stolen mail in a north Macon neighborhood, former major league pitcher Kevin Brown hid in a neighbor’s yard and waited on the thieves to strike again.

A 15-year-old and another man were arrested Wednesday afternoon outside of Brown’s multimillion-dollar home off Rivoli Downs. The mailbox was ajar as the baseball star explained the situation to four Bibb County sheriff’s deputies.

Brown, who played for the Rangers, Orioles, Marlins, Padres, Dodgers and Yankees during his career, caught the two men and held them at gunpoint until deputies arrived, according to officers at the scene.



Apparently Kevin Brown serves as the neighborhood watch for his community as he spends his nights prone in his neighbor’s yard just waiting for a fool to make a mistake and steal mail.

Statistically, old people die sooner when they retire early. I’m glad Kevin Brown is keeping busy in his post-playing days, I reckon.

Kevin Brown was a 6-time All-Star back in his prime. He had the lowest National League ERA in 1996 and 2000. He had the most American League wins with 21 back in 1992. My man was an Ace. Then he came to the Yankees at age 39 and after two years fizzled out and disappeared with the $15 million contract in the middle of the night.

It’s good to see what he’s been doing with that time and money. Clearly he became one of the guys who bought a gun and then was like ‘Ohhhh shit, I like these. Now I need to buy a million more guns and I need to shoot someone’.

Absolutely shocking that we are not reading a story about Kevin Brown shooting a random kid today. Round of applause to this man for his restraint in a situation that he himself escalated.

Also, not sure who is going around stealing Kevin Brown’s mail. Maybe we should look a little deeper into this guy’s affairs. Someone confiscate his phone and dial the name in his contacts labeled ‘drug cartel’.

I dare you to cut off Kevin Brown in traffic during rush hour. See if your family can afford that funeral on such short notice.





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