Former NBA Player Adam Morrison Never Took Showers

Soooo… This is the least shocking news in the history of news. Adam Morrison, a player who looked like he had never been near running water, was never near running water. Adam Morrison plays like trash and smells like trash.

Former teammate Jared Dudley sheds light on what everyone should have assumed:

Dudley was also asked to name the worst dresser or most disgusting teammate from his career, and he immediately had an answer.

“Adam Morrison,” Dudley called out, naming a teammate from the 2008-09 Charlotte Bobcats. “Remember Adam Morrison? He never took showers, he did the chewing tobacco that he spit all the time, and he wore the same three polos the whole year. This is a guy who made a lot of money, too, at that time. He was the face of diabetes, he was doing everything, he was on the cover of college games, he was [everywhere], and he was by far the worst and [most] disgusting.”

Not showering, spitting tobacco, and only wearing 3 polos. There’s no way he did laundry, so I assume Adam Morrison smelled like fucking sewage. Absolute pile of shit. I’m sure he’s a sweet guy or whatever, but he’s a walking diaper. But again, at the end of the day, I am not the least bit surprised.

Pray for anyone who must spend any time with that walking cesspool.


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